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#BehindTheScenes - Training New Staff at Xianchao

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We mentioned in a previous post that we have been fortunate to be growing with our customers in recent weeks. Hopefully it is a sign that we are doing something right!

Nonetheless, growth does mean that new staff need to be trained. A key part of the training is for the new staff to shadow and question their seniors.

The pictures above show both our new Sourcing executives* and Relationship managers** going through shadowing their seniors. And yes, our staff do juggle up to 4-5 screens at once in their work - from extra monitors to additional work phones to communicate with factories and clients. In addition, during (most) weekends and holidays, the Relationship managers and Assistant relationship managers*** rotate a duty phone to ensure we can remain responsive to clients in case of urgent matters.

To maintain a high standard of service for our clients, we put every staff through almost a month of training and observation when they first join. This investment in our staff means that they are better prepared to deal with challenges on the job. Our clients face fierce competition in business, and we hope our high standards can be a key source of competitive advantage for them.

*Relationship managers prepare and provide quotations to potential clients, work with clients to figure out their needs (including complex custom packaging or custom product manufacturing), and handle any issues raised by our clients. In general, they are the first point-of-contact for all customer issues and every single Xianchao client has a Relationship manager who "owns" the relationship.

**Our sourcing executives manage our day-to-day relationship with the factories that produce the goods for you, our valued dropshipping entrepreneurs. They place orders daily with the factories, investigate if orders from the factory are delayed, and also go to battle with the factories on behalf of our customers if product quality slips.

***Assistant relationship managers handle new orders received by our clients' stores everyday, provide instruction to our sourcing executives to procure from factories, and also invoice our clients for us to fulfil their orders. They handle most operational aspects of the client-facing work.

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