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Having Troubles Scaling Your Dropshipping Business? Top 3 Misconceptions That You Need to Abandon

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Do you feel discouraged when seeing other people in the industry performing surprisingly well and earning incredible returns while you haven’t seen any remarkable results from your business? If so, you might want to re-assess how you are running your dropshipping store. It is possible that you are making some deadly mistakes that prevent you from further growing your business. In this article, we will discuss the three most common misconceptions that many dropshippers have and why you should abandon them.

1. Finding winning products is all mere luck

If you have been in the industry for some time, you might have felt frustrated at least once when none of the products you were testing brought in consistent sales for you. In some cases, the circumstances persist for months and you start losing profits. To make the matter worse, social media platforms and discussion forums are filled with people who boast about their stores earning 6 figures. These things make you question yourself and wonder why you are so unlucky, which is precisely the misconception that needs to be addressed.

To be fair, luck plays a small role in the success of many ecommerce empires, but that is the case for almost every firm in the world. Some people are fortunate enough to succeed with the first few products they try out. Nevertheless, nowhere is imitation more common than the marketplace. Sometimes, the followers even do a better job in marketing, thus generating more sales than the pioneers. Sooner or later, the initiators would observe declining revenue, and this is why luck does not play a crucial role in the successful people’s journeys.

Those who are able to thrive in the long run with their winning products don’t just ‘hope for the best’. They create their own luck! In particular, they continuously test new products to find their hot selling items. In fact, it is a numbers game, and whoever has the resources and capacity to test more products are more likely to succeed. Success can also be attributed to researching and testing marketing efforts. For instance, those who are willing to lose some money in the beginning to exchange for long-term returns usually invest in A/B testing.

2. You, as the business owner, must be fully engaged in all aspects of its operation

Many entrepreneurs are trapped in the thought that they need to do all the work by themselves. If this sounds like you, you might be suffering from ‘Superhero Syndrome’. This happens when one single person assumes all the responsibilities, from the important to trivial ones, within the team. The rationale behind it is that this is their business after all, and they need to do everything to safeguard it. Although this is true, ‘everything’ does not literally mean every single thing.

This is dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, you might get overly involved in unimportant tasks and lose focus on issues that actually matter the most to your business. Secondly, it is more challenging for you to consistently deliver good results to all the work if you single-handedly deal with them. Thirdly, to scale your dropshipping business, you need a more-than-one-person team in order for the system to operate at its optimal level. It can be said for sure that a team consisting of several members working together and trusting one another is more efficient than a one-person team. Last but not least, you are constantly burned out and not able to enjoy the fruits of your work.

One important thing that you need to do is to learn how to trust other people. Have faith that they would be able to finish certain tasks satisfactorily even without your presence and close instructions. If necessary, you could hire or delegate project management tasks to senior officers in the team, and they would communicate with you if there is any major problem arising in the process.

3. Your team should dedicate much time to maintenance tasks to keep the business running smoothly

In the business world in general and the dropshipping sector in particular, there are two main categories of tasks: maintenance and revenue-generating. In most cases, revenue-generating tasks bring a higher impact on the growth of business. That is why dropshippers should delegate maintenance tasks, such as product research and marketing collateral production, to their team while they can concentrate on revenue-generating tasks. This is not always the case for many store owners as they are sometimes buried in trivial issues that they forget about the significant ones.

One simple solution to this is to utilise a system which helps to keep track of your time. It would make you more aware of how you spend your time as well as more mindful about how you should spend your time wisely.

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