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We are currently in the process of expanding our company.  Always seeking improvement, we welcome fresh new talents and ideas. We believe that the foundation for our company's success is if our staff members grow with the company. As a fast-growing company, we offer full-time employment conversion and opportunities for growth. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can work remotely. Your working hours are within your control as long as the necessary deliverables are taken care of. 

If you think you have what it takes, these are the current available postions. We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. 

chief Technology officer

As our Chief Technology Officer, you will be tasked with deciding how technology can be used to increase efficiency of our work processes. We are looking to automate and streamline our procurement processes. We are also looking to continuous improve our clients’ UI/UX experience while using our webapp. 

Client Success Coordinator

As the Client Success Coordinator, you will play a crucial role in accelerating our growth. We hope that you are savvy with different social media platforms (that’s where we meet our potential clients!). You will also need to be empathetic to the pain points of our potential clients, providing solutions to their concerns.

Client Success Strategist (Intern)

As a Client Success Strategist (Intern), you will pioneer new methods and platforms exploration (that’s where the fun adventure of strategizing begins!).  Another main objective is to take a step back and evaluate the current strategies implemented by our coordinators. You will then take the lead to optimize current performance of the coordinators and support them with new perspective that will allow us to serve our potential clients better.



As our finance and accounts executive, you will have a keen eye for details. You will be in charge of tracking our payment and expenses. Relevant paperwork will also be in your care. If you’re able to help quantify the exact costs of our business activities in the process of doing so, it will be a huge plus.



We are currently in a phase of expansion. As our procurement executive, you will be tasked to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and reduce costs. As we would want to deliver only the best quality goods to our clients, we would need an individual who is able to optimise our storage space. You will also help us with manpower planning, procurement of products and quality checks, ensuring consistency in quality and costs for our clients.  

data analyst 


As the data analyst intern, you will help us achieve the twin objectives of maximising delivery speed and minimizing delivery costs through gathering and studying prices provided by logistics partners as well as assessing the delivery time for each route.

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