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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a MOQ or minimum number of daily orders required to work with you?
    We do not have a strict MOQ requirement. Generally, our customers enjoy better prices and quicker product fulfillment when they have at least 30 orders per SKU daily. We will purchase in volume and store in our warehouse for cost savings which we pass on to customers.
  • How many days does it take to source a product?
    For most products, we are able to get you a quote within 2 business days. Depending on the product, we may require more inputs from you to find the most suitable supplier. We like to start things off on the right foundation to build long term relationships.
  • What are the costs associated working with you?
    We do not have monthly subscription model for our services. You will only be charged based on your order which comprises of product cost and shipping cost.
  • How do you accept payments?
    We accept payments via local bank transfer and paypal.
  • Do you offer product customizations?
    Yes, we do help our clients with product modifications, private label and custom packaging once they decide to scale their product to the next level.
  • What shipping lines do you use?
    We offer a variety of shipping options with our shipping partners. They include YunExpress, Yanwen, 4PX, UBI, CNE, SF Express and more. So that we are able to select the most economical option in terms of speed and reliability for you.
  • What are the shipping times per country?
    Please refer to our updating shipping time for more details.
  • What is your onboarding process?
    After a product is sourced, we will proceed to order it from the supplier which takes 2-3 business days to reach us. Once we have ready stocks in our warehouse, orders take 1-2 business days to process and ship out. Thereafter, it will be shipping time to various countries by our shipping partners.
  • Do you hold inventory for your clients?
    Yes, this is one of the reasons why we can achieve time and cost savings for clients. With inventory storage, we can order a higher volume to achieve economies of sale and also cut down on processing time per order since we have ready stocks.
  • Do your shipments have tracking?
    Yes. We understand that our dropshipping clients need full tracking in any event of a dispute so we will always offer full tracking for all shipments unless requested otherwise by client.
  • Are you cheaper than aliexpress / other agents?
    Our prices are competitive but likely not the cheapest among other agents or Aliexpress. For businesses that want to scale, inconsistent product quality or poor planning can result in huge chargebacks that far exceeds savings from cheap prices. We understand that and hence take extra care in quality inspection and transparent communications so you can scale with a peace of mind.
  • What is your communications process?
    As we purchase your first item from the supplier, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager together with operations team members in a whatsapp chat. So you don't need to repeat your request to another rep whenever you have a question.
  • Do you integrate with Shopify?
    Yes, in fact we recommend you to connect your Shopify store to our ERP app so we can fulfill orders and update tracking numbers at our end. You focus on marketing and leave the rest to us.
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