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Guangzhou Xianchao Logistics Co.,Ltd


Meet Our CEO

Fangjun, CEO of Xianchao Logistics

I am Fangjun, CEO of Xianchao Logistics. You may call me FJ. I am 34 years old this year. Xianchao Logistics was established by my father in 1988 and formally incorporated in 2005. In 2015, after studying and working in Singapore, I returned to Guangzhou. That was when I took over Xianchao Logistics.

Together with my team, Xianchao Logistics has grown to serve international dropshippers. We have since expanded to 5 warehouses in Guangzhou.

With quality services on the backend,  we provide dropshippers and storeowners  a peace of mind to focus on marketing their businesses. We collaborate with you in the process of growing your business.

From shipping products on time to sourcing the right products for your customers, we work with you to provide solutions for your business concerns. Effective communication in English is our strength, a crucial element to establishing trust with our clients worldwide. Our expertise includes: customisation (branding included), inspection and warehousing.

We are honoured to have supported our dropshipping partners over the last 5 years and will continue doing so. Thanks to our partners’ trust, we have expanded across countries in both the Global North and Global South. Our partnerships continue to grow in numbers in addition to over 3000 factories that we collaborate with.

Xianchao Logistics Team

Our Values

Growing Together

We believe in growth for our stakeholders, customers and employees. Our priority lies in ensuring helping our customers grow, which contributes to our business’ strong foundation. Additionally, we commit to nurturing our employees to maintain high quality services for you. Caring for the environment is our social responsibility. Through careful planning of shipping routes and curation of suppliers, we actively minimise our carbon footprint.

Fj and Family,  Xianchao Logistics

Meet our team

Darren,  Xianchao Logistics

Head of Operations

Young,  Xianchao Logistics

Head of Sourcing

Alice, Xianchao Logistics

Customer Relationship Manager


Operations Manager

Simon,  Xianchao Logistics

Sourcing Manager

Qiuying,  Xianchao Logistics

Warehouse Manager

FJ's Wife & Son, Xianchao Logistics
FJ's Wife and Son

Welfare Manager

Chen Hui,  Xianchao Logistics
Chen Hui

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Our History

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