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3 Insider Tips: How to Choose a Dropship Agent who Won't Rip You Off

Updated: May 6

Hard to Choose a Dropship Agent

It's hard to choose a dropship agent. I have been in sourcing for some years. I know you might be afraid of being ripped off. Hope these 3 insider questions will help you find the right one.

Q1: Can you show me 20 tracking numbers to my target country by Yanwen Line 484?

With insider information, any sensible agent would not dare to rip you off. Yanwen is a major Chinese courier and "484" is its internal product code. Unlikely any agent would try to fool with you as they know you know their market. (tongue twisted)

dropship agents working with many air shippers

Q2: Where are you located, Pearl River Delta Region or Yangtze River Delta Region?

If you are selling gadgets or products that contain small batteries, Pearl River Delta agents are more suitable, because the only airport that can fly such products is the Hong Kong airport located in Pearl River Delta.

If you sell normal products, your consideration would be the distance to factories. Being close to factories enables you to restock fast. Domestic transport takes only 1-2 days WITHIN a region, but 3-4 days ACROSS regions. Just imagine how burning you would be for those extra 2 days in Q4.

Pearl River Delta specialises in making electronics, leather & feather, and Yangtze River Delta in textile. So, depending on the products you sell, you may want to choose a Pearl River Delta agent or a Yangtze River Delta agent.

dropship agent in Pearl River Delta

Q3: How long have you been in business and how many employees are there in your company?

Ideally, the agent should have been in business for at least 5 years and have more than 10 employees. When something goes wrong, the company is there to stay, whereas a solopreneur might just disappear.

dropship agent company


These questions are not silver bullets, but may they be a good starter for you.

When you need a Pearl River Delta agent, Xianchao can be one of your options. We have been in logistics since 2005. To get a quote, all you need to do is click here.


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