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#BehindTheScenes - How We Literally Vacuum Parcels

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

We increasingly get more requests from our clients for videos or images of their goods being handled by our team. Hence, we thought we might as well share how we operate behind the scenes.

In this first #BehindTheScenes post, we talk about how we package voluminous goods. Such goods need to be packed into as small an area as possible in order to bring down the costs of shipping.

Goods that can be packed in these manner include soft toys, pillows, cloth bags, dog cushion beds, etc. Basically, everything that is soft and squishy and does not get damaged from being compressed.

In these cases, we have to vacuum pack the items. At Xianchao, we actually have vacuums just for this purpose.

  1. First we pack the item into a packaging bag specifically meant for vacuum packing.

2. Then we bring out the vacuum that is designed for this special packaging and start to vacuum.

3. This is what it should look like after being vacuum packed. The blue cap at the bottom of the photo is capped back onto the vacuum port of the bag after the vacuuming process.

4. Next, our warehouse staff will pack the item into a shipping envelope. This is done for all items we ship - regardless of whether it is vacuum packed, boxed, or in other formats.

5. Finally, we apply the label and the item is ready for shipping.

We hope this sheds some light into our operations. If you liked this post, please give us a "Like" to encourage us to share more.

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Please note that in most cases, we ask that clients we work with have at least 5 daily orders. If you have some items that fall below this threshold, do check our out recent post on "Aliexpress Plus One" to see how you can continue to experiment on new products while getting great reliability and service for your larger volume products!

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