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Would you be open minded to giving your store a category name?

Updated: Feb 15

Before we dive into category name proper, picture this: instead of struggling to describe what you sell to potential customers, imagine having a concise, powerful category name that instantly communicates your niche. It's like giving your customers a shortcut to understanding and remembering your store.

Our brains crave simplicity and efficiency. People say "Google it" instead of "search it online" because it is shorter and more straightforward. Similarly, having a well-crafted category name can save your customers precious mental energy. This simplicity breeds familiarity and trust, essential for converting one-time shoppers into loyal repeat buyers.

Moreover, our brains thrive on clarity. Ever found yourself fumbling for words to describe something? That's due to the disconnect between our left and right brain. But with a crystal-clear category name, you eliminate confusion and make it effortless for customers to connect your brand to the category. Whenever the customers need this particular category of products in the future, your brand will spring up in their minds. Guess from who they will buy the products? Precisely!

Now, let's talk strategy. Take a cue from successful brands like Facebook (social networking site), Uber (on-demand transport), and Google (online search). They've become synonymous with their respective categories. By creating a snappy category name that encapsulates your unique selling point, you position yourself for e-commerce dominance.

Here's the formula: short, simple, and spot-on. Your category name should be ideally no more than 5 words long, using everyday language, conveying what sets your products apart. Think "Salesforce" for CRM on the could, or "Tesla" for electric car, or “Clearpath” for self-driving vehicles for industrial use—catchy, memorable, and instantly recognizable.

Remember, your goal isn't just to sell products; it's to build a brand that customers return to time and again. A well-chosen category name lays the foundation for long-term success, reducing your reliance on costly advertising and fostering a loyal customer base.

You may argue that even those big brands hardly or never display their category names on their marketing materials. Why should you? Again, it comes down to how our brains work. If you don’t explicitly tell what you are, chances are the brain may not be able to make the connection between the brand and the product category for you. Or worse, wrong connection is made. Why leave it to fate when you can make it easier for consumers and their brains?

So, dropshippers, would you be open-minded to harnessing the power of category names and displaying that explicitly on your online stores? Be different (take the Lonely Walk Test to find out if you are truly different) and give your business the clarity, simplicity, and memorability it deserves, and watch as your repeated sales soar.


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