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Don't Chase Trending Products, Find Trending Product Lines

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Many dropshippers often get caught in an endless loop - desperately scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, AliExpress or Amazon searching for the next viral product. It's exhausting. And even if you guess right, knockoffs swarm in fast. Your hot product is old news.

There is a different way!

Instead of chasing trendy products, find a trending product line. Track major consumer shifts - aging population, organic preference, health awareness. Then drill down to specialized product lines riding those waves. Niches are too broad. By "product line", I am not referring to niches like kitchen products, home decor, or consumer electronics. Rather, I am talking about specific product lines like Bluetooth speakers and children’s earphones.

For example, sleep troubles are spiking among young adults. A clear mega-trend. So sleep aids have built-in demand. But sleep aid niche is still too broad. You need to narrow further. Sleep aid headphones and handheld devices are more promising product lines for dropshipping - portable and easy to ship.

This trending product line approach has two big advantages. One, you tap into steady demand beyond one viral product. A trending product line persists, while trending products come and go.

Two, customers see you as an expert. You consistently offer products tailored to their needs. Not just hopping on short-lived fads.

Only after you get both the trend and product line right, will you be ready to pick your product. You may engage Product Agents for their new unlisted products, or take the more conventional way of searching on social media. The choice is totally yours.

In short, forget frantically chasing trending products. Study the big picture to find a product line with staying power.

This provides long-term stability and customer loyalty. No more gambling on a flash-in-the-pan product and starting your search over every month. A trending product line is your path to steady success.


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