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Sharing 3 Dropship Product Research Tools (the Product Agent version)

Product comes before supplier. Hence this sharing as a Product Agent. Note that this post focuses on their respective product research capacities. There are more such tools out in the market. I am sharing these three because I am more familiar with them.

  • Sell the Trend It's a Saas and NEXUS is their main research tool. NEXUS provides almost all the details about a product (name, description, profit margin, sales volume, etc). This is good for beginners. Sell the Trend supports store intelligence, too. A URL is all you need to key in. Traffic, sales, product prices and other info will be available to you. Its Essential plan costs you USD39.97/month.

  • Minea Minea is a spy tool that covers Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram. It provides data on engagement as well as sales. Like Sell the Trend, Minea has store intelligence. But to enjoy that, you have to get its Business plan which costs USD399/month. That's not really beginner friendly.

  • Niche Scraper It caught my attention with its Hand Picked product session. Sell the Trend, Minea and Niche Scraper's Product Scraper are all demand side product research tools. Niche Scraper's Hand Picked, on the other hand, is a supply side research tool. It may not have sales data to make predictions on a product. But that offers a different angle to finding winning products. In fact, this brings you earlier on the product diffusion cycle. It's like buying Tesla shares in 2008 when most investors were questioning the future of electric cars. Niche Scraper's PRO membership costs USD49.95/month.

Therefore, I urge you to rethink the way of finding a product to sell.

Don't find trending products; find trending product lines.

In a competitive market where most are on a search for trending products, it's worth taking a different pathway: find trending product lines.

Lastly, after you have your trending product line, boost your store with our new unlisted products. You will stand out without competitors.

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