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3 Reasons Why Dropshippers Should Move to China. The Last One is Critical

In 2023, we at Xianchao had the opportunity to meet dropshippers visiting China. One memorable encounter was with Leo in Guangzhou on a hot summer night. We exchanged stories and enjoyed drinks. Leo expressed his admiration for China, emphasizing its safety even late at night and its widespread modern infrastructure.

"Why not move here?" I proposed the idea of staying in China.

"Oh, I've never thought about that!" Leo responded.

why dropshippers should move to China

I then elaborated on the benefits of relocating to China:

  • Enhanced Control Over Product Prices and Quality

For those in dropshipping and e-commerce, being physically present in China provides unparalleled control over product quality and pricing. Visiting factories allows for firsthand assessment of product quality, while being in the country enables better control over pricing.

  • Personal Growth Through Starting Anew

Moving to a foreign land fosters personal growth. I have personally stayed in Singapore, Taipei, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Each move changed my routines and habits, exposesd me to new ideas, and facilitated connections with diverse individuals. I have found myself more open to new ideas and better at connecting with people. I hope you can all experience it.

  • Access to Unlisted Products Ahead of Competitors

Being in China grants easy access to numerous trade shows throughout the year, offering opportunities to discover new, unlisted products across various categories. At an electronics fair in Shenzhen in October 2023, we uncovered a special smart ring not available on AliExpress yet. Sharing this discovery with clients has resulted in significant sales for many of them. That's an additional benefit of working with us. Being present in China ensures a constant stream of product inspiration. And you can be sure you are ahead of your competitors.

As our conversation continued, Leo expressed his concerns about negative implications for my business. If Leo were to move here, he could do sourcing and shipping all by himself. He no longer needs an agent. I reassured him that his growth and success were more important to me than any financial gain.

If you're reading this, I consider you as my friend and strongly encourage you to consider moving to China, even for a short stay. Yes, there will be bans and restrictions living in China, but they are solvable. You are free to accept or refuse.

As speed fulfillment agents, we will be right here for you, as always.

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