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Don't fall in the Winning Product Fallacy

When it comes to starting a dropshipping or ecommerce business, many newcomers turn to Reddit seeking advice on where to begin. Among the various suggestions in the comments, a common recommendation is to find a "winning product" and build your store around it. This seems like a logical approach, or so I believed, until a recent eye-opening visit to a factory yesterday.

On the sunny Saturday morning, our factory tour commenced. We had planned to visit three factories in Zhongshan, two specializing in beauty electronics and one in the pet niche. These were niches frequently suggested by experts, and indeed, all three factories had exceptional products that were not available on AliExpress yet.

As we prepared to conclude our trip, the pet product salesperson informed us that her boss owned another factory nearby, urging us to pay it a visit.

"Why not?" we thought.

However, our excitement quickly turned to disappointment upon discovering that the fourth factory specialized in manufacturing traditional, bulky fans. Although they appeared sleek, they lacked the captivating allure we were expecting. Their features were standard, with merely some minor variations here and there – far from what one might consider "sexy."

But then, an unexpected twist occurred when the boss revealed that their Taiwanese client was selling over 30,000 fans online each year. My jaw dropped in awe.

Skeptical just as you may be, we probed further. The boss shared more details, ultimately leading us to the realization that even if we discounted that figure by one-third, 10,000 units sold online annually was still an impressive feat.

This experience led me to believe that every product has the potential to sell. The concept of "winning products" loses its validity. After all, almost every consumer product imaginable can be found on Amazon. If we assume that every Amazon seller conducts proper product research before listing items, it becomes evident that any product can meet the criteria of a "winning product." Therefore, spending excessive time searching for this elusive concept becomes redundant.

Now, don't misunderstand me – the product itself plays a pivotal role in the success of an dropshipping venture. You must spend time on it. However, the exaggerated emphasis placed on finding the "winning product" is misleading and often counterproductive.

To all the aspiring dropshippers and ecommerce entrepreneurs out there, instead of obsessively seeking out "winning products," allow me to propose two alternate pathways to kickstart your journey:

Fast way: Choose a product from the latest hot-selling list that aligns with a mega trend.

Slow way: Select a product that you genuinely know or care about, capitalizing on your knowledge and passion to build a community.

Both are acceptable. Remember, each and every product has the potential to become a "winning product." So, let go of the notion that you must uncover a hidden gem and pursue your ecommerce dreams with confidence.

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