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#BehindTheScenes - Quality Control While Packaging

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Many clients ask that we do quality control (QC) on their products to give their customers a great experience and minimize returns.

However, opening and inspecting every item when it is delivered to our warehouse would add significant cost and lengthen our processing time unacceptably. As such, we typically check each item while we are packaging or re-packaging them prior to shipping out.

In for goods where we do not have to re-package, we will still open up the packaging for visual inspection before closing it up and adding bubble wrap or other protective layers prior to shipping.

Some items may require a bit more effort to check. For example, glassware or lenses that can stain will require more attention.

Using a pair of spectacles as an example:

First we will do the usual visual inspection.

Next, we take a penlight to check for scratches or dents.

Finally, if there are some smudges, we will also clean it up.

Along the way, if items are defective, our warehouse staff will inform the sourcing executives who will request the factories for replacement.

If there is still stock, we would send out an item that cleared our QC. If there is no more stock, then would have to wait till the replacement arrives and also inform our clients accordingly so they can manage their customers.

Hence, we also encourage customers to maintain a minimum level of stock with us for their faster moving products to avoid out-of-stock situations.

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Please note that in most cases, we ask that clients we work with have at least 5 daily orders. If you have some items that fall below this threshold, do check our out recent post on "Aliexpress Plus One" to see how you can continue to experiment on new products while getting great reliability and service for your larger volume products!

If you are using other dropshipping agents currently and struggling with them or wondering why it does not feel like they are doing the QC we described, check out our post on when you should change your dropshipping agent.

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