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Can brand voice save a brand?

Brand voice is part of brand identity or image. The logic goes like this: shape a tailored brand identity (young or old, witty or professional, liberal or conservative…) and it will attract the target audience to the brand. That offers a great way for dropshippers to build a brand, and hence drive sales.

However, it's important to note that a great brand identity alone cannot save a declining product category.

For example, Xerox unveiled its new image in 2008 to have a more approachable and human feel to the company. It didn’t help its long decline in sales as people used photocopiers less and less. Xerox is still well known even today. Did it have a brand problem? No. It had a category problem.

Another example is Nokia. Its stock price peaked in 2007 and Nokia was no doubt the cellphone king. Many people today still know what Nokia is. Did it have a brand problem? Not at all. It had a category problem.

Therefore , if you think that building an attractive brand identity (the brand voice, the colors, the style…) will significantly drive sales, think again.

Luckily, the Nokia and Xerox examples also point us to an alternative of building a brand and driving sales in dropshipping: build your dropship brand on a category. That would require a business strategy called Dropship Category Design.

OpenAI (a great name that passes the Radio Test) did a great Category Design. Click here to find out more.

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