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Radio Test: check if you have made the same mistake many neglected

Most dropshippers if not all want to build a brand. Yet many fail to give their brand a good name. Since their brand name is likely their domain name, they don’t have a good domain name either. This could be the most neglected area in dropshipping.

Therefore, allow me to share this simple test introduced in the book The Minimalist Entrepreneur. It says, a name is a good name if one hears it on a radio and is able to spell it out without much difficulty. Examples of good names include Facebook, MySpace, Salesforce.

Failing this Radio Test is not the end of the world. There are other criteria for a good name. But it’s good for new dropshippers to take your brand name seriously from the onset.

Another piece of advice for new dropshippers from dropship product agents’ perspective is don’t find trending products; find trending product lines.

For now, test your brand name with the Radio Test and share with us your results in the comments below.

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