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Learn, unlearn and relearn in 2024

Hello everyone, and a very Happy New Year to all!

Today, I want to share three simple words: learn, unlearn, relearn.

I would like to dedicate this first post in 2024 to our friends at MDS. As I looked back, they were one of my highlights in 2023. I enjoyed the days we spent together. Their work standard and teamwork spirit inspires me to do more in the new year. I could not thank them more. May they have another fruitful year in 2024!

Now, let's begin.


Since Oct 2023, I've shared a few blog posts here. I'm grateful to those who have supported me and appreciate those who hold different views. However, my motives were once questioned when I shared the post "Don't compete for demand; Dam the demand." Someone assumed I was trying to sell a course. Nay. I was just getting my hands dirty and trying out what I learnt. Specifically, "The Minimalist Entrepreneur" by Sahil Lavingia taught that to build a profitable business from Day One, I could start by providing value to the community I serve. So, I chose to write posts for dropshippers and ecommerce owners.

In 2024, I urge all to continue learning and put your knowledge into practice. Remember, the most effective way to learn is to live what you learn.


This is probably the sexiest part of this new year post. Some background information first. I'm a nerd (MDS can testify this) who married a social butterfly. She is pretty to say the least. My journey to finding love perfectly illustrates the power of unlearning.

From a young age, I was taught that treating a girl well was the only way to win her heart. I wholeheartedly embraced this belief, showering my love with breakfast, gifts, and acts of service. However, as you may have guessed, it never yielded the desired results. It wasn't until I read "The Game" that I realized sincerity alone wasn't enough in the pursuit of love. I unlearnt everything I thought I knew about dating and finally found my way into the ladies. Eventually, I met Karen, and we got married in 2017. (Please understand that I don't support womanizing, and I won't share that ebook with anyone. Let's always treat women with the utmost respect.)

So, when things aren't going as planned, be prepared to unlearn what you thought you knew and embrace change when necessary in 2024.


During my college days in Singapore, my marketing professor introduced us to the 5 "P"s: price, positioning, product, people, and place. However, when I started working in a Filipino bank, I quickly realized that these principles weren't always as helpful as they seemed. People began asking about our unique selling point (USP).

Later, when I ventured into online tutoring for middle school students, I received advice to build a tutor brand identity, inspired by the super tutor stars in Hong Kong. But the latest school of thought I encountered emphasized the importance of category first, brand second. It explained how Nokia, once the leading cellphone brand, failed because its category of keyboard cellphone had declined. Blending all these insights, I now believe that each element contributes to a brand's success. Dismissing any of them would be a mistake.

So, let 2024 be a year of relearning for all of us. Even Newton's theory of physics has been proven incorrect at the micro scale. How sure am I that I am correct at this very moment? May we keep an open mind to new ideas and be ready to relearn.

That's all for the 3 words. May we all learn, unlearn and relearn in 2024. Happy New Year!

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