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Top 5 Secrets to Managing a Growing Dropshipping Empire That You Must Know

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Let Us Know Your Dropshipping Concerns

You’ve had your dropshipping business for some time now… And you see your sales increasing. That’s really good news but how do we take it from there? When it was just 5 orders a day, you could manage the fulfilling the orders on your own. However, as you start seeing 30 or more orders a day, just sending your own excel sheet to an AliExpress supplier is not sustainable in the long term.

If you wish there was someone who would look over your shoulder and help you with the growing of your business, you’re in the right place. You have realised that scaling your dropshipping business is not easy, but it is possible. The thing is, most dropshippers who manage to maintain consistent growth of their business work with a reliable, good dropshipping agent.

When Faced With Overwhelming Orders, Many Dropshippers Make These Mistakes

stressed dropshipper overwhelmed by orders
Stressing over orders is definitely not what you want to be doing!

What most dropshippers do when they are dealing with overwhelming, growing orders is to search. They’ll go on forums to ask for advice from other dropshippers. They’ll go on facebook to source for different dropshipping gurus and how they have done it. However, for most people, this doesn’t work.


  • The winning products that are sold by success cases are of different nature from yours

  • The dropshipper you are referring to may be selling products to countries different from your target market

  • Information overload results in additional stress for you

But what happens if you just do nothing? Your orders would definitely just pile up. When customers begin to experience delayed shipping and order quality inconsistencies, that’s when your brand’s reputation starts dipping.

Free Your Mind Of Worries And Work With A Reliable Dropshipping Agent

Happy dropshipper
Free your mind of worries and focus on getting more sales!

Note the common trends in the dropshipping forums- every successful dropshipper would express that they have worked with a reliable dropshipping agent ( sometimes masked as ‘fulfilment services’) to build their empire.

The dropshipping agent provides these services: 1. Sourcing and procurement of your winning products

2. Stringent quality checks of products

2. Labelling and customisation of products

4. Fulfilling of customers’ orders

As these back-end details are covered, what do the successful dropshippers do? With a peace of mind, they focus on the marketing of their winning products and shops, attracting more customers to purchase from their businesses!

Regardless Of Who You Work With, Good Dropshipping Agents Share These Traits

No matter who choose to work with, good dropshipping agents should have these:

  • They ship your products in the fastest times available

  • They all have physical warehouses situated near suppliers in China

  • They communicate with you AND suppliers effectively

  • They are transparent with how they charge you

  • They should not be charging you any subscription fees even if you have not sold any product

Dropshipping Agents Work With Credible Logistics Companies And Suppliers

No man is an island- and a good dropshipping agent will work with different credible partners to ensure the aforementioned 5 standards are achieved. You don’t want to be putting out products which receive flak for bad quality or have them reach your customers a good two months later.

This is why a reliable dropshipping agent has a network of credible suppliers and logistics partners they work with. The close proximity in which they are located to factories not only plays a part with lowering the processing time. When they are located near the factories and suppliers, any adjustments you would want to make to your products would be done quicker. Why? The product takes a shorter time to reach the agent to vet and send you their findings.

Additionally, the allure of dropshipping is that you don’t pay too much fees upfront. Why pay for subscription fees that may not necessarily guarantee the quality of the products your customers will be receiving?

Many dropshippers who are scaling up often make the mistake of choosing dropshipping agents without considering these little details. Let that not be you!

What Do We Do At Xianchao Logistics

Xianchao Logistics Co. Ltd work closely with factories which pass manufacturing standards. We are business owners and so we understand the frustrations you go through as orders are not fulfilled or are not up to standard. Sourcing products of the best value for your budget is quintessential for the success of our business!

Established in 1988 as a logistics company, we have since partnered with different logistics companies such as YunExpress and DHL to ensure that your customers’ purchases reach them in a timely fashion.

Finally, It’s Your Turn

What are the challenges you have been experiencing while expanding your dropshipping business? Are you looking to create your own custom brand? Let us know in this form and scale your business with us today!


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