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Looking for an Agent to Expand Your Dropshipping Business? Ask the Right Questions First!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Increasing orders are always a good problem to have!

Sales numbers increase daily. You find yourself struggling to keep pace with the backlog of fulfilment. As your e-commerce business expands, so will your backend processes need to evolve. When you find yourself overwhelmed with orders, it is better to work with a dropshipping agent who can help you take care of the business backend. Who you choose to work with can really make or break your business! We know that choosing a good dropshipping agent is no easy feat. Fret not! Here are a list of questions you should ask your dropshipping agent before deciding to work with them.

Service charges

1. Are there any fees needed to set up an account?

2. Is it a monthly subscription model?

The answer you should expect for these 2 questions is ‘no’. Credible dropshipping agents usually don't ask administrative fees of such nature. Also, the reason why you chose to dip your hands into the dropshipping industry in the first place was to avoid these additional charges!

3. What is the service charge?

Don't be alarmed if you do not receive a flat rate for service charge. Usually, dropshipping agent will not charge a fixed service cost. Different products require different amounts of effort to source and handle. As such, the service charge is dependant on the product. However, service charge fee structures must be transparent between both parties.

Orders and processing

1. Is there a minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the smallest amount of the product a dropshipping agent will agree to order and stock at their warehouse. If the MOQ requirement is not met, ithe agent will most probably not accept your request.

Different dropshipping agents have different MOQs. Some may require you to order more (MOQ of 100 units) while another may ask of a smaller MOQ of at least 30. It is best to clarify such details to prevent any misunderstandings down the road.

2. What is their processing time?

Processing time is the time taken for you to receive an order tracking number from the moment a fulfilment request is received. The timespan varies across different dropshipping agents. The longer the processing time is, the longer the shipping time. Customer experience is important and we really don't want your clients to be waiting too long for their parcels!


1. Do they have a physical warehouse?

Warehouse stock photo
You wouldn't want to receive a stock photo of a warehouse when asking the dropshipping agent for a photo.

A good dropshipping agent should have a physical warehouse to store stocks of products you are selling. This is to ensure consistency in quality of products and stock of products that you are providing your customers.

Just to be safe, ask for a photography of their physical warehouse. We would also suggest that you run a google image search of the photo to ensure that it is authentic. There have been cases of where 'suppliers' or 'agents' stop replying after payment was made. The additional cost to fulfill the orders or refund will then be shouldered by you!

2. How will they update you on inventory?

As you sell your products, you would want to be updated on the status of the inventory. This is so that you can update your customers on whether the item of their choice is running low. Creating a fear of loss within your customers may drive them the desire within them to buy, doing so also minimises errors. You won’t have to deal with angry customers waiting for their refund because they already paid for something that was sold out.

Products and quality check

1. Do they sell the products to end customers?

If the answer for this is ‘yes’, stay away. This means that they are your competitors too.

2. How do they conduct quality checks?

Expectations vs Reality Online Shopping
You really don't want such tragedy to befall upon your customers.

Your dropshipping agent should check the product qualifications and if it matches the specifications you listed. Once the product reaches the warehouse, they will need to check the quantity and specs of the products. Additionally, they need to check for any flaws. Should the quality of the products fall below expectations, it is the dropshipping agent’s job to contact the supplier for returns or exchanges.

3. What personalisation services do you have?

Most dropshipping agents provide customisation services. You can have your brand logo printed on the packaging or leave a customised thank-you card to leave a lasting positive impression of your business on your customers.


How do I contact you?

Most dropshippers are available to contact through email. However, there are times where unforeseen circumstances arise and communication through emails leaves an undesirable lag time. That's why at Xianchao Logistics, we use a variety of messaging apps to cater to your preference. Looking to expand your e-commerce store? Let us know what you require in this simple form and our customer service will reach out to you ASAP!


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